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  This mustang is owned by the same guy who owns the 67 mustang that is featured on my site. The plans are to paint it a lighter shade of grey metallic with a black metallic stripe following the cowl scoop, continuing over the roof and trunk. It is in pretty good shape overall but there are a few dings, scrapes and some orange peel to take care of. The worst spots are the fiberglass hood. It doesn't fit correctly in one corner by the headlight, and needs some work cause its pretty wavy. After messing with the hood adjustment, it got much better. Always good news when something is a little less work then you thought it would be (normally works the other way.) It now only will need a little sanding down in that corner and some blocksanding, bodyfiller and priming to take care of the waviness. Another bad spot is the quarter window mouldings which are fadeing and pitting. Suppose to be common with these mustangs and no replacement moulding is made, its moulded as part of the quarter glass (for a new moulding would mean ordering new glass}. Guess we'll try sanding and painting them. Right now I have all the bodywork done except for some work left on the hood. Then the spots and hood will be primed and blocksanded. I'll get some more pics up soon of the bodywork
  Here is some photos of the bodywork so far. As you can see, mostly small dings and dents are filled, car is sanded down, and the hood is no sticking up from the fender near the driver side headlight. After some more bodywork on the hood, Its ready for some primer.

  Finishing up the bodywork on the hood. All bodywork spots were primed. Next all the primer spots will be blocksanded and then the whole car primed and sanded to get it all one color before paint. Getting closer to paint. Still have to fill the rear emblem holes, and work on moulding around windows and may do a little filling on the spots were the quarter panels and roof panel meet (sail panel) and are welded when assembled at the factory. This area usually has a small dip from the day it leaves the manufacturer, its not from any kind of damage and would be there when bought new from the lot. I haven't decide if I'll leave it as is or fill. Depends if I have time to get to it I guess.

  All primered bodywork areas were blocksanded. I primed the whole car to get it all one color before paint. Getting closer. I will wetsand the primer and it should be about ready for paint. I still have to get to those quarter mouldings as well.

  I didn't get a chance to get photos of the car all put back together before it was picked up, but did get a couple of it painted. Here are some pics of the two colors of base sprayed, and after it was cleared. The pitted quarter window moldings were painted as well as the rest of the black trim.


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  Well I got a few pics emailed from the owner today with the car put back together. The base is Utech and the clearcoat is Southern Polyurethanes. Southern Polyurethanes products were used on the Year One mustang and Camaro and the overhaulin Mustang you may have seen in magazines and on tv. Check them out. Quality products at a better price then you will get from the big paint companys. Plus you get great service and  tech support to boot.



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