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1968 eleanor mustang
 This is a 1968 eleanor mustang. The owner forgot to put in the hood pins leaving a show and did a good amount of damage around each hinge plates. All the damaged fiberglass was repaired and filled, including quite a few bad glasswork areas and holes in the fiberglass that weren't from the accident that were left hiding under a thick layer of bodyfiller. The hood plate that the hood bolts to on one side was installed off center from the glass factory, so that was cut out and reglassed in place centered, so the hood would bolt up and align better. Then everything was painted in single stage paint then clearcoated
Motoguzzi tank
  Here is a motoguzzi 850 t3 tank and side covers. The tank was stripped, epoxy primered, and a few small dents were filled. Then everything sprayed in toyota paint code 202 black basecoat, then stripes were taped off and sprayed bright white base, then everything was clear coated.
2000 Silverado
  This is a silverado whos factory paint peeled and was rusting. I removed the door and ground and sandblasted the rusted areas. Then it was epoxy primered and any pits filled. Then the bottom of the door and inide were painted. I also seam sealed the bottom of the door with a 2 part epoxy.
2005 Grand Prix
  This is a 2005 Grand Prix with a parking lot dent in the door. I ground to metal in the dented area, and pulled out the dent with my stud welder. The area was then epoxy primered first, and a thin coat of body filler was applied and sanded to finish. It was then epoxy primed again, blocksanded, and re epoxy primed. The upper part of the door and the fender where then sanded. Then base was blended on the door and into the fender into the existing color, and the upper door and fender clear coated. Then it was wetsanded and buffed to remove any dirt nibs in the finish.
Wisconsin Badgers helmet
  I painted this helmet for my nephews 8th birthday. He likes the badgers, so I won a football helmet on ebay. It was yellowing and scratched. I filled the scratches and primed. Then I painted the logo in helmet with basecoat and clearcoated it.
  This is a 1989 cavalier I did work on. It was very rusty and dented and the paint was peeling. I formed new door bottoms and rockers and welded them in. The paint was stripped and dents pulled. Then the color was changed to quasar blue metallic and a budget basecoat clearcoat used.
1999 Cavalier

   This is a cavalier that I installed a bodykit on and changed the color to a lighter Kelley green metallic with a top of the line (PPG Deltron) basecoat clearcoat system. The fiberlass hood the customer supplied was a very poor fit and was cracked in several spots. I cut the hood and refiberglassed to get the curve to match the fenders and get good gaps. The rear fiberglass bumper also needed a bit of work to fit. I also formed another opening for the exhaust pipe in it. Some rust and dent repair was also done.
1987 Bonneville
  I stripped the paint off this bonneville because it was peeling. I also fixed many rusted areas and formed new door bottoms and welded them in. The color was changed and painted white with single stage urethane.
Pontiac Grand Prix
  This Grand Prix I repainted the hood and blended into the fenders and bumper for color match. A budget base clear was used. The shutter broke on my camera when taking pictures so a lot of the before pictures didn't turn out.
1999 Cavalier
 I installed an aftermarket spoiler on this cavalier and welded up the holes from the factory spoiler. It was painted with PPG deltron for a great color match. The pictures didn't turn out because of my broken camera shutter.
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