1967 mustang  
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  Here is the mustang when it first arrived. At first the rust didn't look too bad, but once paint was removed it revealed a different story. There were previous poor repairs. A big hole was filled with plastic filler and when they installed a replacement panel they put it right over the old rusty one causing the new panel to rust. I cut out the old rusty panel and the rusted areas and sandblasted inside, and then formed new patch panels and welded them in.
  The rocker on the other side also had a big hole filled with plastic filler and the quarter and jamb were rusting out so that was all patched with new metal also. The jambs had peeling paint so they were stripped down.
  The place that worked on the car before just shot undercoating under the hood when they changed the color. What a mess to clean up. Finally it was stripped down and ready for primer. The doors and rear panel also needed some patching. I probably had to patch around 15 areas on this car. The fenders were in pretty  good shape and needed just a little bodywork. Then I made a support for the hood scoop and also to direct air towards the air cleaner.
  Finally  color was changed to dark moss green metallic basecoat clearcoat, with a shelby style scoop added.
 Here is a few pictures the owner emailed me after he had installed some parts and put on different rims and tires. He also redid his interior and installed a stereo system and amps.
 I repaired the hood on this mustang recently due it getting gouged in a garage mishap. Its been about two years since it was repainted. Good to hear the paint and rust repairs are holding up well thus far. Rust is always a concern cause even taking all the right steps to fix, it is always fighting to come back. The photos are of the 2 year old paint, the repaired hood, and some photos the owner sent of it at the eaa mustang show in oskosh, Wi 2006.
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