(920) 530-5190                            Suamico, WI
Your vehicles paint job is the first thing people notice, shouldn't yours look its best? I am an autobody technician with technical school training and 20 years experience in autobody repair and refinishing. If you have a vehicle that needs work done, and would like quality work at a price lower then what the big shops charge, contact me by email or phone for a free estimate. I have many satisfied customers.

I offer many different services. From collision repairs, complete paint jobs, restoration, fitting and installing body kits and accesories, rust repairs, fixing peeling paint and fiberglass repairs. Basically anything but insurance work and frame and unibody pulling.

Any rust is sandblasted or metal is cut out and replaced or a new panel is installed. I apply an epoxy primer to all baremetal for maximum adhesion and corrosion protection. I offer single stage finishes, a budget basecoat clearcoat system, or a top of the line basecoat/clearcoat based on your expectations and budget. If you need repairs done or just want a beautifull and glossy finish on your car to make it look new again, contact me today.
(920) 530-5190 or email Dewaltmatt2002@yahoo.com 



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